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Ali Knox

Owner, Floral Designer

Hey Ya'll! 
I'm Ali and I am a Huntsville native with 10+ years of experience in the floral industry.
 I am married to my best friend, Ethan and we have a little pup named Lila Belle. She's the sweetest little rescue pup ever! We live in Ardmore, AL and love the country side and anything outdoors. One of our favorite things to do is sit on our patio when the weather is nice.  
I  started working in the floral industry when I was 14 at a local florist and fell in LOVE with the beauty of flowers and the happiness they brought to everyone around them.
In my early 20's, when I started to talk to my family about my dream of owning my own florist, my dad told me that if I decided to open one, the name of my business should be "Petals".  Being a family centered girl, that name just stuck.
After a lot of thought and prayers, I decided to start my own floral business and "Petals by Ali" came to life in the Spring of 2017.
 My passion is to create beautiful arrangements that bring joy and happiness to others. There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful bride gleaming on her wedding day! Flowers are of such great significance to me because they bring such joy, honor, happiness, and love to those who need it most.
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